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UPDATE: THANK YOU! Kayla’s dream has come true!!! She is meeting Taylor Swift. :)

People of Tumblr, we need your help!

There’s a girl by the name of Kayla who goes to the high school I went to. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with cancer last year. They were able to shrink the size of the tumor in her brain to a very small size, but sadly they found another tumor in her brain earlier this week. Please, if you could take a moment to reblog this photo and tweet with #operationgetkaylatomeettaylorswift, you can help spread the word so that hopefully her dream of meeting Taylor Swift will come true. We’ve managed to make #operationgetkaylatomeettaylorswift a worldwide trend and we’ve made it to 2 news station, but we still need your help!

Seriously, thank you so much for taking the time to read this and help out. It means so much to all of her friends and Kayla. <3

If you’d like to read more about this, click here


P.S. Dear Tumblr Gods, if there’s any nail art of mine that you should feature, please make it this post. It would mean the world to get Kayla’s story out there <333333 

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So I got some really sad news………

I just found out a friend that I unfortunately didn’t keep in touch which for quite some time killed himself and I’m so incredibly heart broken by this. He was a brilliant, sweet, intelligent man and I can’t believe the world lost somebody so precious.

Please, please PLEASE listen. You are all my friends even though we haven’t formally introduced ourselves to eachother. Let’s start now.

My name’s Alexandra, or you may know me as Algae Veronica and it’s really a pleasure to meet you. 

Please do not be intimidated or afraid to talk to me if you need to vent or scream or cry or just plain old talk. Just know that I am here for you. I know I’m a stranger to you, but know that I give my heart and my shoulder to you if you ever need it.

Please do not resort to taking your own life. Life is too beautiful and precious, and so are you.

Message me, anonymous or not. If you’d like to make a new friend, I’d like to be yours. I’m ALWAYS on MSN Messenger and always logged on AIM during the day and sometimes you can catch me at night during my slumber :). My screen name is my downtown baby and my msn messenger is

Also, here’s an important number for you to call if you ever need it. It can save your life. 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 


If you feel that nobody out there loves you, please know that I, a stranger, love you with all my heart. 

R.I.P., friend. I wish I was there for you.

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